v/a - Country Music, Songs for Keith Girdler (Siesta, 2008)

Pas de country music ici en dépit d'un titre trompeur. Ce qui ne trompera pas, c'est la liste des participants. L'ombre du label Sarah plane sur ce tribute album, ce qui est normal puisqu'il est dédié à Keith Girdler, musicien de Bristol entre autres membre de Blueboy, emporté par un cancer en 2007. Entre The Wake, Blueboy, Louis Philippe ou The Clientele, on est en - très - bonne compagnie.

Various Artists
Country Music ~ Songs for Keith Girdler

CD Siesta SIESTA 234 (Spain, 2008)

01. St. Christopher - I Can't Forget You
02. The Wake - Crush the Flowers (Demo)
03. Pete Fijalkowski -  Downsizing
04. Lovejoy - Melancholia
05. Hal - Down
06. Trembling Blue Stars - Soft Evening, Brilliant Morning
07. Louis Philippe - Lazy Thunderstorms
08. Club 8 - What I'm Dreaming of Is Something I Could Have
09. The Clientele - Breathe in Now
10. The Times - Sold Out (Alternative Version)
11. Would-Be-Goods - I Believe You Cassandra
12. Aberdeen - Baby I Don't Care (Instrumental)
13. Love Dance - His London
14. The Orchids - The Lost Star
15. Biff Bang Pow! - Back to the Start
16. Blueboy - 80's Diaries

Note : Snowbound & Siesta present A collection of exclusive and rare songs in memory of Keith Girdler [1961 - 2007], recorded by some his favorite artists. all of the proceeds from this album will be donated to the Martlets Hospice, East Sussex, England.
All songs are exclusive to this recording.

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