Rick Reed - Dreamz / Blue Polz (Elevator Bath, 2008)

Je vous ai déjà proposé un des picture discs du label Elevator Bath - celui d'Adam Pacione. Donc vous savez à quoi vous attendre : du drone hypnotique et profond. Rick Reed s'arme de synthi EMS, de générateurs de sinus et de captures d'ondes courtes radio. Un drone littéralement atmosphérique et vraiment intense!

Rick Reed
Dreamz / Blue Polz

LP Elevator Bath eeaoa027 (USA, 06-2008)

a1. Dreamz
b1. Blue Polz

Note : Full-color picture disc, edition of 260 copies.

Ce qu'en disait le label :
Beautiful picture disc LP featuring two full-color reproductions of visual works by Rick Reed and two new side-long solo compositions.
Reed's fascinating, highly evolved world is represented well by these two new pieces, each of which offers up the kind of droning intensity and unsettling beauty that this veteran noisemaker has come to be known for. Reed's work is very obviously that of an experienced craftsman - one whose sound is a reverent nod to early electronic music underscored by an enduring sensibility for atmosphere and ethereality.
Dreamz began life as the soundtrack for a live visual display by filmmaker Ken Jacobs, which was performed live by Jacobs and Reed at the 2007 New York Film Festival. The record’s flipside, Blue Polz, was also inspired by the work of a filmmaker (originally conceived as a kind of alternate soundtrack to a piece by Fred Worden). All of the music was created using an EMS Synthi A, plus 2 sine wave generators and a shortwave radio.
The artwork comes from two original paintings. Reed has been active in the visual arts for more than 20 years; his work is utterly abstract, beautifully enigmatic. These images are the perfect accompaniment to Reed’s otherworldly audio counterparts.
In addition to his solo work, Rick Reed has participated in a number of productive collaborations over the years with Keith Rowe, Jgrzinich (in Frequency Curtain), the Abrasion Ensemble, and SIRSIT. He currently resides in Austin.
This picture disc LP has been released in an edition of 260 copies.

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