Andreas Bertilsson - Paramount (Komplott, 2007)

Voici un bien beau disque, même s'il n'est pas le plus facile d'accès. Musique nocturne s'il en est, Paramount vous plongera dans des paysages sonores étranges et familiers à la fois. Une déambulation à base de field recordings, finalement assez cinématographique à sa façon, et d'une grande maîtrise.

Andreas Bertilsson

CD Komplott escudre08 (Sweden, 2007)

01. Movement 1 (Plains of the Buffalo)
02. Movement 2 (Riding the Beast)
03. Movement 3 (A Moth to the Flame)

Note : In the early morning of September 16th 2006 I rapidly left the country house where I was staying to finish the production of Paramount. It was the culmination of several months work.
I began outlining the album in the fall of 2005 with the objective of describing society and the present while still trying to anchor it to something timeless and continuous that could be linked to any one period in time. Based on a linear schedule of events I then stipulated rules and guidelines for my musical process.
The following months were cursed with severe computer breakdowns which delayed the development of my musical tools. Meanwhile I started working with DAT and devoted the remainder of that spring to work my way through the massive checklist of sound components based on my schedule of events.
In May, I got stuck once again and to be able to continue I was forced to erase large parts of my project that was decelerating the work flow. I abandoned my notes and started working more freely and rapidly along a rough initial topographic sketch, and at the end of the summer the music was almost complete – one comprehensive 30 minute piece.
Early that fall I went out to the countryside to put the final touches to the album. As it turned out, the house where I was staying was haunted, and the spiritual activity increased as the work progressed. Footsteps, doors that suddenly opened, traces of EVP in my recordings and an overall intensed atmosphear affected my appearance in the house. After two weeks I couldn't take it anymore and felt I was about to lose my mind. I packed my equipment and fled. The album was finally finished in Malmoe shortly thereafter, as far as I know without any interference from the spiritual world.
- Andreas Bertilsson, February 2007.


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