E. Jugend - Last Exit Wedding (Taping Desk O-phon Mania, 2007)

Où l'on retrouve notre groupe chéri, ou presque! En effet, E.Jugend est un projet parallèle de membres de Ma Chérie for Painting. Projet récréatif ou laboratoire, à vous de juger. Ce post-rock part une nouvelle fois dans toutes les directions - ambient ou folk suivant l'humeur dans le même morceau - d'une manière plus déconstruite que chez MCFP, pour ne pas dire plus décousue. Un foisonnement d'idées, qui parfois mériteraient d'être plus abouties, un laboratoire plein de promesses qui ne demanderaient qu'à être tenues. Vous l'aurez compris, avec cet album c'est à vous de faire preuve de curiosité.

E. Jugend
Last Exit Wedding

LP Taping Desk O-phon Mania taping desk 05 (Germany, 2007)

a1. Mary Harbour
a2. What We Call Entertainment
a3. Traurig, Aber Wahr
a4. K.O. in L.A.
a5. Balkan Express pt. 1
a6. Balkan Express pt. 2
b1. Antique
b2. National Geographic
b3. What About Those Bushfires, Mark?
b4. High Life & Hard Times in Kreuzberg
b5. A Tennis-Playing Tourist (Dedicated to Fame)
b6. Saber

Note : E Jugend is a susidiary of German experimentalists Ma Chérie For Painting and Baja and thus the concentrate of something particularly heavy (without being heavy metal).
Erratic. Sucking material without growing into a constant state. "Do you think they thought we knackered them?" Maybe then, at the Technical University festival (including beermug throwing) in times of experienced change of climate. Just like walking barefoot on hot concrete. With a wide grin. Tap-dancin´ on carribean instruments. And in one moment it all dissolves into - nothingness.
Stravinsky, Steve Reich, Sonic Youth, Gas, Godard. Quasi Rubber Soul without Exile On Main Street as basic to do music together. One-take. Or rather: live. Inbetween two acoustic guitars and laptop (featuring strawberry cake in springtime) on the one hand and successful battles of material while supporting 5-piece-bands on the other.
"These are people that, for sure, don´t live behind the woods."
"e jugend reminds me of cooking sessions"
"They sound like Pink Floyd after having played for three hours."
Music like a colliding accident. Field recording disposal this time from Dominican Republic via Kuala Lumpur, Venice, Pula, Stuttgart. Since 1998 e jugend have been no.5 and no.9. Happy to be here. As simple as that.

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