Chrysta Bell - This Train (La Rose Noire, 2011)

Cette belle plante est une protégée de David Lynch, qui a réalisé cet album - à défaut de réaliser un nouveau film! On y retrouve les climats qu'affectionne l'auteur de Twin Peaks et Sailr & Lula. On y trouve des langueurs, des longueurs aussi. Lorsque cet artiste multi-facettes s'attaque à la musique il perd de son étrangeté, devient bien plus ''mainstream-friendly''. Par politesse, on ne lui signalera pas que dans le genre Portished avait déjà tout dit il y a dix ans, et on savourera quelques grands moments, tel l'inaugural morceau This Train. En tout cas, cet album reste pour moi bien plus réussi que le nouveau disque de David Lynch lui-même, qui non content de normaliser et banaliser son univers manque sévèrement de chansons solides - ce qui n'est fort heureusement pas le cas ici.

Chrysta Bell
This Train

CD La Rose Noire, LLC (USA, 09-2011)

01. This Train
02. Right Down to You
03. I Die
04. Swing with Me
05. Angel Star
06. Friday Night Fly
07. Down By Babylon
08. Real Love
09. Bird of Flames
10. Polish Poem
11. The Truth Is

Note : Produced by David Lynch, recorded at Asymmetrical Studio, Hollywood.
David Lynch, lord and master of strange cinema and curious futurisms, has found a dark new voice to mold and craft for the early 21st century. This wouldn't be the first time he's taken a direct role in shaping sonic identities as a producer either: some of you might be aware of one of his earlier musical collaborators from his time in and around Twin Peaks, the sumptuous queen of space pop Julee Cruise and her fantastic debut outing Floating Into The Night from 1990.
Miss Bell here, however is an entirely different animal than most dream poppers, though not unlike Cruise as far as pace goes. She's skittery, tense, arresting as hell vocally and an intriguing complementary to the musical angles of dubstep and the dread heralding of early 90's Nick Cave. And when it works, it'll knock your friggin' face off: tracks like 'Bird Of Flames', for example, sounds like something Scott Walker locked up in his garage for a few decades before handing off the mix to Burial.
All in all, this is a gorgeous debut effort that evokes plenty of positive comparison with past post-punk and dream pop icons without sounding like any particular one of them, and feels refreshing as hell compared to a lot of what gets touted around on the singer-songwriter front these days.


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