The Montgolfier Brothers - The World Is Flat (Poptones, 2002)

Quigley est un de ces artistes pour lesquels ce blog existe - si vous avez été séduits par ses singles vous me comprenez. Gnac, lui aussi est un musicien auquel je suis très attaché. Et leur collaboration s'avère à la hauteur des espérances. Vous le constaterez avec cet album sorti sur Poptones, le label qu'avait créé Alan McGee pour se faire plaisir après avoir vendu Creation.

The Montgolfier Brothers
The World Is Flat

CD Poptones mc5057cd (UK, 07-2002)

01. 2.55 Newbury
02. The Understudy
03. Be Selfish
04. The World Is Flat
05. The Second Takes Forever
06. Swings and Roundabouts
07. Dream in Organza
08. I Couldn't Sleep, Either
09. Think Once More
10. Inches Away

Note : Words and music written and recorded by Roger Quigley and Mark Tranmer.
Revered instrumentalist Mark Turner and vocalist Roger Quigley have worked together in the past, as well as putting together strong efforts on several artistic solo projects. This excursion, entitled The World is Flat is a beautiful concept album, complete with spirally guitars, a little touch of piano spice, and lush string and orchestral arrangements. A dreamy, ethereal piece of art, this album is indebted to the producer for bringing to the listener the state of the art sound we hear from this duet who hail themselves The Montgolfier Brothers. Here you will fine a stunning plethora of musical textures, colors, beats, rhythms, and sounds, which can and will keep you interested many times over. With sweeping beats, spontaneous frameworks, and electric chord progressions, this savvy duo provides true flair, revealing themselves as a feel-good, exuberant pair destined to take on their local music world in future gigs.


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