Moe Tucker - I Spent a Week There the Other Night (New Rose, 1991)

Un quart de siècle après avoir tenu les fûts du Velvet Underground, Moe Tucker est toujours verte! Et avant la reformation officielle du Velvet, elle réunit - presque - toute la bande sur ce disque, puisqu'on croisera au détour d'un morceau John Cale, Lou Reed ou Sterling Morrison. On baille parfois poliment dans les albums de messieurs Cale ou Reed, mais là ça envoie du bois et ça fait sacrément du bien!

Moe Tucker
I Spent a Week There the Other Night

CD New Rose Rose 273 (France, 10-1991)

01. Fired Up
02. That's B.A.D.
03. Lazy
04. S.O.S.
05. Blue, All the Way to Canada
06. (And) Then He Kissed Me
07. Too Shy
08. Stayin' Put
09. Baby, Honey, Sweetie
10. I'm Not
11. I'm Waiting for the Man

Note : Recorded & mixed at Toxic Shock, N.Y.
''I Spent A Week... was recorded in New York. I was lucky enough to have lots of volunteers playing on this, and I think the result is pretty interesting. I love Brian's bass on 'B.A.D.'; Cale's viola on 'Kissed Me'; Lou's making noise on 'Fired Up'; Victor's drumming; Sterling's wife, her sister, and my cousin making their vocal debut as backup singers; and I'm proud of my saxophone arrangements! I think this is a fun little album and think it sounds pretty damn good, considering the small amount of time we had, and the quality of the studio.'' (Moe Tucker)
With more help from her indie-rock bigshot pals (Don Fleming, Brian Ritchie), Week also featured the first (sort of) Velvet Underground reunion, with Cale, Reed and Sterling Morrison guesting on separate tracks. Covering "And Then He Kissed Me" was inspired, as is the inclusion of the accusatory (and appropriately titled) "Fired Up." From start to finish, it rocks like crazy. (All Music Guide)


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