Northerner - 1976 (Hibernate, 2006)

Deuxième bain de post-rock ambient signé Northerner. Je n'avais pas d'autre choix que de poster deux disques à la suite, chacun durant moins d'une demi-heure ça aurait été trop frustrant. Celui-ci est sorti sur le micro-label Hibernate, spécialisé dans l'ambient le plus doux, parfois dans le post-rock le plus ambient aussi, et dont le catalogue est incontournable pour tout amateur du genre.


CDr Hibernate hb04 (UK, 10-2006)

01. The End of December
02. 1976
03. Can't
04. Ladybirds
05. If You Could
06. Red Soil

Note : Edition of 200 copies.
Northerner, aka Martin J Cummings, is one of a growing band of musicians operating in the UK’s blossoming electro-acoustic scene. ‘1976’ closely follows mammoth double-set ‘The Ridings’ (on Home Assembly Music), a special little release that further enhances Cummings reputation. Avoiding the familiar, Cummings sets about transporting the listener down new paths, where gossamer guitar textures mingle with shimmering, bucolic atmospherics, forgotten voices and deftly laced found sounds, suggesting a kinship with the heart-warming nostalgia of fellow countrymen Epic45. The miniature electronic pulses and glitches adroitly placed throughout add a beguiling sheen, often found lacking in the genre.
Despite its compact running time, this release is no stop-gap, with each track purposefully flowing into the next, suggesting a narrative hidden just underneath the surface. There’s a rich, emotional depth prevalent here and the countless left turns render this record as riveting, taking us from the intoxicating chill of ‘The End of December’ through to the comforting hazy warmth of ‘Red Soil’.


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