The Markko Polo Adventurers - Orienta (RCA Victor, 1959)

Sur ce blog, les albums d'exotica viennent souvent par deux. Après le japonais Paul Mark, quoi de plus logique que de pousser encore un peu plus loin en... Où ça, d'ailleurs? Où situer cet ''Orienta'' sur une carte du monde? Mais peu importe! Ce genre de disques, on les achète ou on les télécharge d'abord pour leurs pochettes. Comment y résister?

The Markko Polo Adventurers

LP RCA Victor LSP-1919 (USA, 1959)

01. Song of India / Beggars' Procession
02. Yokahama Ferryboat
03. Rain in Rangoon
04. Madam Sloe Gin's
05. The Girl Friend of a Whirling Dervish
06. Mountain High, Valley Low
07. Scheherazade
08. Limehouse Blues
09. Night of the Tiger
10. Nagasaki
11. Train to Ranchipur
12. Runaway Rickshaw

Note : There is really nothing with which to compare the music of Orienta. One might say it resembles the dreams of an imaginative person who has fallen asleep during a "Dr. Fu Manchu" movie on television. For these incomparable musical vignettes combine the sounds of the East with the wit of the West; the charm of the Orient with the humor of the Occident. They are the adventures of a sensitive traveler who wears glasses which are slightly out-of-focus and who is irrepressibly irreverent of Asiatic saws and clichés.
But most important: these impressions are excellent music and hi-fi Fun with a capital "F"! Here are sounds and effects to gladden the tweeters and woofers of the most critical hi-fi addict, coupled with interesting melodies, exciting rhythms and adventurous harmonies. (Liner notes)


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