Kodama - Turning Leaf Migrations (Olde English Spelling Bee, 2008)

Le post expérimental du jour! Kodama est la collaboration de deux artistes sonores, Hitoshi Kojo et Michael Northam. Des enregistrements étalées sur plusieurs années qui sont ici assemblés et recollés en studio. Il y a de l'électronique, des field recordings, des improvisations, des voix qui peuvent évoquer Ghédalia Tazartes, beaucoup d'espace(s) aussi. En fait, je crois que c'est encore la pochette qui décrit le mieux la musique! Ceux qui accepteront de les suivre, de se laisser guider, seront je n'en doute pas absorbés par ce disque, envoûtant pour qui en franchira le seuil. Mais je n'en voudrai pas à ceux qui passeront prudemment leur tour cette fois-ci.

Turning Leaf Migrations

LP Olde English Spelling Bee OESB018LP (USA, 2008)

01. Side A
02. Side B

Note : Kodama is the ongoing recording project of two well-known visual and sound artists - Hitoshi Kojo and Michael Northam - and this is their first widely available release as a duo. Recorded in various improbable locations whenever they crossed paths over the course of several years and then finally edited and assembled in a cluttered garage in the west side of Indianapolis. There is a decidedly more improvisational feel and crisp psychedelic aura to these recordings when compared to their other work and one can hear the influence of Ghedalia Tazartes in how the various recordings were stitched together. To quote Hitoshi Kojo: We are the spirit of forest. Our howling has been offered to the many goddesses of the valleys. Teething our emptiness they, licking the stars, until white holes appear in our sky through them towards regenerative guides of the tonal-morphic omni-verses. Using found objects to seduce voices from unlikely sources as well as traditional instruments of wind, wires and wood. Kodama weaves between emotional poetry and dynamic forces of noises. The recordings have a strong atmosphere of each location - the top of a mountain in Switzerland, a campground in Ohio, Lofoten Island in Norway, the arctic circle in Finland, Niagara Falls, etc. It includes a lot of the dirts of the raw recordings, but also incredibly beautiful moments such as the session with an owl in a Slovenian forest, an alpine summit singing meditation under the vast galaxy, and an encounter with the small people through strange ritual... - HK.

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