Piano Magic / Klima - Split (Monopsone, 2003)

Second split du label Monopsone proposé sur ce blog, voici un single tout en douceur et mélancolie qui rappelle qu'il n'y a rien d'anecdotique chez Piano Magic. En l'occurrence, on peut parler d'un split familial, puisqu'Angèle David-Guillou qui présente ici une de ses premières compositions sous le nom de Klima n'est pas une inconnue, elle chante également chez... Piano Magic. L'excellence de Monopsone n'est plus à démontrer.

Piano Magic / Klima

7'' Monopsone MOPS 008 (France, 09-2003)

a1. Piano Magic - What Does Not Destroy Me
b1. Klima - Christmas Day

Ce qu'en disait le label :
At the dawn of a new album, Piano Magic delivers here a sheer moment of intimist thought. The band now gathered around its charismatic leader Glen Johnson has proved once more its capacity to catch everybody on the wrong foot and its swiftness in making a volte-face. Whereas the previous "Speed The Road, Rush The Lights" was torn by feagments of guitar, "What Does Not Destroy Me" keeps us in suspense thanks to Johnson's voice set on some ethereal waves thus reminding us of their firsts records.
Angèle David-Guillou, under the name klima, gives here one of her first tracks. The voice already heard with laudanum, Ginger Ale and … Piano Magic, opens up a little more with the disturbing "Christmas Day". Between electronics and acoustics, this track puts Klima on the side of these song-writers/singers who excel in covering a simple tune with sincerity and elegance. (Monopsone)

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