Adelbert Von Deyen - Nordborg (Sky, 1979)

Avec le revival cosmique, je me pose une question : où les musiciens trouvent-ils leurs instruments? Dans des braderies, dans un grenier? Une chose est sûre, lorsque Adelbert von Deyen utilisait les instruments listés ci-dessous en 1979, ils n'avaient rien de vintage. Deux longues plages qui portent bien leurs titres, et qui portent bien leur nom de ''plages'' aussi!

Adelbert Von Deyen

CD Sky Records SKY 029 (Germany, 1979)

01. Moonrise
02. Iceland

Note : Equipment used: Arp Odyssey Synthesizer, Hohner Electronic Piano, Farfisa Organ, Farfisa String-Orchestra, Rhythm-Computer, Roland Mixer, Revox A 77 Taperecorder.
Adelbert von Deyen is a relatively obscure electronic artist whose style is very similar to the famed Klaus Schulze, even down to the album covers (both artists use paintings by surrealist painter Urs Amann for the album covers). Rightfully so, he claims Schulze as his main influence. His career lasted from the 1978 to the early to 1987. His first album, Sternzeit, is perhaps his most famous Schulze-like release. On later albums, like Eclipse, there was a definite spacey, Pink Floyd feeling present throughout. On this album, he even decided to incorporate vocals. Today, von Deyen no longer records and instead has become a painter.

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