Daphne Oram - Electronic Sound Patterns (His Master's Voice, 1962)

Ah, ces petits bidouillages électroniques de nos ainés! On en trouve régulièrement au fil de ce blog, j'en raffole. Il est intéressant de noter que ces choses avant-gardistes n'étaient pas coupées du grand public, qu'il s'agisse de la musique concrète accompagnant les Shadoks ou de ces vignettes destinées aux enfants.

Daphne Oram
Electronic Sound Patterns

7'' His Master's Voice 7EG 8762 (UK, 1962)

a1. Melodic Group Shapes 1
a2. Melodic Group Shapes 2
a3. Three Single Sounds Taken in Canon
a4. Rhythmic Variation 1
a5. Rhythmic Variation 2
b1. Ascending and Descending Sequences of Varying Nature

Note : Composed and created by Daphne Oram. Released as part of the Listen, move and dance series (Volume 3) and BBC programme to help children dance.
"Teachers seeking original material have found this new approach exciting and stimulating in their creative work for music, movement and drama. The Sound patterns are intended for children to enjoy and may lead them into movement of dance-like character, or involve them in imaginative situations. People who are interested in sound production may like to know that these sound patterns were created by Daphne Oram at her Electronic Studio in Kent. By using audio generators, many tape recorders, filters, ring modulators and other electronic devices she built up the tone colours, pitched each of the notes separately, gave them duration and dynamics and finally spliced the notes together to obtain the required rhythms and sequences." (sleevenotes)


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