Table - Songs you Can Sing (Static Caravan, 2009)

Deux petites pépites comme seul Static Caravan en a le secret. Et un single comme seul Static Caravan ose encore en sortir régulièrement! Deux douceurs, piano, guitare, délicat tapis électronique à l'arrière-plan et voix crève-coeur. Les fans de Tunng vont adorer. Un seul reproche: c'est trop court!

Songs You Can Sing

7'' Static Caravan VAN202 / Humble Soul HS304 (UK, 12-2009)

a1. Songs You Can Sing
b1. Most

Ce qu'en disait le label :
Manchester-based six-piece Table are led by songwriter David O’Dowda, who combs together different strands of modern folk music to create something new and wonderful on this, their first seven-inch titled ‘Songs You Can Sing’. A record so strong it takes two decent labels, Humble Soul and Static Caravan to give it the full time partner it requires.
The two tracks on this single are sumptuous delights, airy and ornate while being oddly familiar. Marshalled by David, Table waltz through quietly elegant folk-pop with minimal guitar, stately piano and low-key vocals on what sounds like an endearingly sweet single, despite the deceptively barbed tale woven throughout.


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