Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings - Tibetan Bells (Antilles, 1973)

Musique hautement méditative s'il en est! Ce grand classique et pionnier du genre échappe aux pièges et aux clichés pour nous proposer une authentique expérience d'écoute. Ni touristique ni à la mode, ces pièces sont d'une grande profondeur, et les musiciens apportent à ces instruments une dimension expérimentale bien loin des facilités new age!

Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings
Tibetan Bells

LP Antilles AN-7006 (USA, 1973)

01. Khumbu Ice-Fall
02. Rainbow Light
03. White Light
04. From the Roof of the World You Can See Forever
05. Wrathful Deity
06. Clear Light
07. A Choir of Bells

Note : Produced by Henry Wolff and Tony Platt. Except for the last two cuts of Side One, taken in Formentera, Spain, this album was recorded at Island Studios, Basing Street, London, April-May, 1971.
Back in 1972, Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings made a landmark recording. They released the first album of Tibetan singing bowls and Tibetan bells. They, in effect, introduced the meditative and healing powers of these instruments to the rest of the Western world. In 1972, Tibetan Bells would have been considered highly experimental and avant-garde — perhaps even revolutionary (in a musical sense, anyway). This album remained a cult classic for many years. These instruments did not gain immediate recognition in the new age or e-music communities. Artists like Jonathan Goldman, Klaus Wiese, Deuter, and Xumantra have used them extensively in the 1990s and 2000s.


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