Aerial Service Area - Aerial Service Area 1 (Fax, 1995)

Un des titres-phares du fameux label allemand. Premier des deux albums du duo, Aerial Service Area I est du pur ambient. On peut leur reprocher de ne rien inventer, de suivre les traces du Music for Airports fondateur de Brian Eno, mais est-ce vraiment un reproche? Ils ne bousculent pas le genre, ils ne bousculent pas l'auditeur non plus, et c'est tant mieux! Voyage immobile en apesanteur, de l'ambient au classicisme soyeux à écouter les yeux fermés.

Aerial Service Area
Aerial Service Area 1

CD Fax +49-69/450464 [PS 08/058]  (Germany, 02-1995)

01. ETI Encoding
02. Eternal (Infinity)
03. Liquid Water
04. Highlow
05. Another Green Airport

Note : Limited edition of 1000 copies. All tracks by Victor Sol & Niko Heyduck.
Aerial Service Area is an on-again-off-again collaboration involving ambient/electronic composers Victor Sol and Niko Heyduck. The pair have released two full-length albums through Pete Namlook's Fax label under the name, both of which number among the finest of the already impressive (to say nothing of extensive) Frankfurt-based imprint's titles. Combining bits of work compiled (both apart and together) over the course of nearly a decade, they are also some of the more enduring examples of minimal experimental electronic music to advance from ambient's post-rave crop.


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