Moon Unit - New Sky Dragon (Krayon, 2010)

Du nom du groupe à la pochette, on sent que ça va être cosmique. En effet, ça l'est, et c'est carrément excellent! Deux longs morceaux, avec nappes de claviers sur lesquelles serpentent des guitares aidées à la propuslion par la batterie. C'est du rock planant, une transe psychédélique du plus bel effet!

Moon Unit
New Sky Dragon

LP Krayon Recordings KR 016 (UK, 04-2010)

a1. Internal Future
b1. No Money No Nothing

Note : Peter Kelly (drums), Ruaraidh Sanachan (guitar), Andreas Jönsson (keyboards)

Ce qu'en disait le label :
Beautifully self recorded heavy psych formally known as the Nackt Insecten Trio. Featuring members of Lanterns, Eye Shaking Kingdom and the Sick Head Tapes decision maker.
Top flight three man cosmic research team further investigations on galactic flux and refraction with two transmissions of synesthetic mind-fold. Lift off with skyward string stasis cutting through buffeted drum-clouds and synthesiser atmosphere, cosmic forever vision peaks at warp-speed rocket drone, anti-gravity percussion accents and star scraping rainbow universes. Saturating feedback zones spread webs of dimension amidst asteroid belt orbits, where two-way trips initiate zero g shimmer into the outer limit of the space ritual via ancient totems to the three moon cycles and the internal black hole smoke sacrifice.


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