Eyeless in Gaza - Streets I Ran (A-Scale Recordings, 1995)

Cet EP est le compagnon de l'album Saw You In Reminding Pictures. Les morceaux sont issus des mêmes sessions, et constituent un joli prolongement à l'album. Je crois que je n'ai rien d'autre à ajouter!

Eyeless in Gaza
Streets I Ran

CD A-Scale Recordings a-scale 016 (UK, 1995)

01. Streets I Ran
02. Songs of Living Sons
03. History Book
04. Up the Walls of Song
05. Twilight Walking

Note : This EP collection of (mostly) improvised pieces recorded live at Ambivalent Scale Studios Oct/Nov 1994. This is a sister/companion volume to the "Saw You In Reminding Pictures" LP.


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  1. ouf, is anybody still able to share this rarity ?
    unfortunately I missed out on this opportunity .. I got so hooked on Eyeless in Gaza .. Im really super keen on this single now .. love them a lot

    ricro(at)live . de