The Mighty Acts of God - Joy of the Mountain (Ruralfaune, 2007)

Je ne suis pas systématiquement fan de ce que sort Ruralfaune (je vous renvoie à mon commentaire sur Twins d'il y a quelques jours). Pourtant j'aime le label pour son flair, son côté tête chercheuse. Avant d'être saluée pour les disque sortis sur son propre label ou sur Kye, Vanessa Rossetto explorait les entrailles de son violon sous le nom de the Mighty Acts of God. Une musique exigeante qui saura récompenser l'auditeur patient!
The Mighty Acts of God
Joy of the Mountain

CDr Ruralfaune rur023 (France, 2007)

01. Dredge the Sky with Nerve Nets
02. The Forest of Shoes
03. A Shudder of Wheat
04. In the Kingdom
05. Asha vs. the Druj
06. Joy of the Mountain
07. Love Charles and the Texas Bombers
08. Wax your Ears
09. Lajos Pap
10. Hard Geometries
11. A Horizon of Roses

Note : Vanessa Rossetto is an American composer, improviser and painter. She uses primarily chamber instrumentation, field recordings, electronics and a wide array of different objects exploring them through extended and traditional techniques and other methods of her own devising.
With previous albums on the lovely MYMWLY label Rossetto has built up a following for her peculiar smudged weird-folk sound which rests somewhere in the Jewelled Antler spectrum. Lesser-known instruments are tortured lovingly while metal objects clank together or are dragged across wooden floors to create walls of hazy sound. It's almost impossible to try and put your finger on what you're actually hearing as everything is submerged in a mist of noise and tape hiss, the recording process becoming the final (and sometimes central) instrument. These are dense and beautiful passages of darkened sound, at once both shadowy and full of hope and the more you listen the more your mind is free to strip back the layers of noise and reveal the beautiful, fragile songs inside.


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