Joel Tammik - Desert (Cactus Island, 2007)

Sur Cactus Island, l'estonien Joel Tammik nous propose ce très intéressant maxi, dont les textures ambient sont habillées, ou devrais-je dire habitées, de rythmiques dub cliniques. Ces sonorités génèrent des paysages à la fois glacés et pourtant pleins de vie en même temps. Voilà ce qui s'appelle un travail finement ciselé!

Joel Tammik
Desert EP

CDr3'' Cactus Island Recordings CACT 025 (UK, 04-2007)

01. When
02. Go
03. Rust
04. Hill

Note : Comes in clear plastic casing, limited to 250 copies.
Joel Tammik`s solo work is fab. Understated, lush and full of ambient warmth, the sound is perfect for relaxing to. Having provided, for me, one of the stand-out tracks on Cactus Island´s Brittle Behaviour compilation from february, Joel now delivers 3“ all of his own and, as you might imagine, it´s an absolute doozie of a release. You get 4 achingly deep tracks of beautifully constructed electronica that ooze with atmosphere and class, each conjuring a different spell over the listener and pretty much guaranteeing that you´ll be putting this on repeat like i did. In some ways it is a retro sound and there´s a trademark hint of jazz to the percussion, but the essential ingredients here are soundscape driven textures and aquatic basslines that keep everything nicely fluid. A really good release this and, in all probability, my favorite in the series so far. Large… yet small, paradoxically! (Smallfish)


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