Connie Francis - Sings Bacharach and David (MGM, 1968)

Après Jim O'Rourke, je vous propose un nouvel album de relectures de Burt Bacharach. Que voulez-vous, je suis incapable d'y résister! Connie Francis est davantage dans l'emphase, le mélodramatique et le premier degré. Ce qu'on perd en légèreté, en humour et en second degré, est compensé par des arrangements pour le coup soyeux. Je vous l'avais bien dit, je suis incapable d'y résister!

Connie Francis
Sings Bacharach and David

LP MGM 4585 (USA, 1968)

01. What the World Needs Now
02. Promises Promises
03. The Look of Love
04. Do You Know the Way to San Jose
05. Trains and Boats and Planes
06. Make It Easy on Yourself
07. Alfie
08. This Girl's in Love with You / I Say a Little Prayer
09. Wanting Things
10. Walk on by
11. Magic Moments / Blue on Blue
12. Don't Make Me Over

Note : Far and away Connie Francis' hippest, most rewarding LP, Sings Bacharach and David pairs the singer with arranger Claus Ogerman, whose interpretations of the Burt Bacharach/Hal David songbook augment the melodies' jazz-like intricacies to create a series of subdued, richly textured settings that perfectly complement Francis' uncharacteristic vocal restraint. Ogerman's nuanced string arrangements are worthy of Bacharach himself, eloquently conveying the style and sophistication that make these familiar songs so timeless. And while she's no Dionne or Dusty, Francis clearly grasps the substance of David's lyrics, investing readings of "Make It Easy on Yourself," "I Say a Little Prayer," and "Walk on By" with genuine poignancy. An unexpected delight.


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