v/a - The Unaccompanied Voice (Secretly Canadian, 2000)

Voici l'exact opposé du message précédent! Cette compilation thématique est remarquable en tous points, une vraie réussite. Que ceux qui craignent un exercice indigeste - c'est vrai qu'une heure a capella... - soient rassurés. S'il n'y a ici que la voix dans ce qu'elle a de plus intime, les participants réussissent à nous captiver du début à la fin. Et les liste des artistes invités parle d'elle-même!

Various Artists
The Unaccompanied Voice: an a Capella Compilation

CD Secretly Canadian SC 007 (USA, 06-2000)

01. Sharon Topper & Fly - Farewell to Nova Scotia
02. Appendix Out - Four Nights Drunk
03. Mia Doi Todd - La Vie en Rose
04. Mark Kozelek - Around & Around
05. Drunk - Rosary
06. Nikki McClure - Blackberry
07. Pedro the Lion - Breadwinner You
08. Jandek - Om
09. Dave Fischoff - Under the Rug
10. The Grifters - Hits Keep Comin'
11.  Swearing Aat Motorists - Goodbye Second & Main (Pink Violence)
12. David Grubbs - Medley: The Gypsy Daisy / Pinafore Blues
13. The Japonize Elephants - Daniel
14. Danielson Famile - Allhallow's Eve
15. Modest Mouse - Leaflets Gabe
16. Richard Buckner & P.W. Long - Ain't No Grave Can Hold my Body Down
17. Jarboe - And I Name Myself Hag
18. Mimi Parker & Alan Sparhawk - Kindly Blessed
19. Damien Jurado - Dance Hall Places
20 Elliot Sharp - Tzara
21. Suzanne Langille - A Sadness in Me
22. Songs: Ohia - Calling Bird
23. Tim Foljahn & Margaret Munchheimer - Swing Lo
24. The Panoply Academy Die-Cast Cadets - Round Things Rolled

Note : An album dedicated to a tradition & routine so common to our everyday lives yet so rarely captured to tape. Featuring some of the most distinctive voices in music today, all without instrumental accompaniment. (Secretly Canadian)
The idea behind this compilation is fantastic; the results, as with most compilations, are spotty. The Unaccompanied Voice, as the title suggests, gathers a capella songs from artists generally residing fairly deep in the indie rock underground. The songs are generally very short and to the point, often clocking in at less than two minutes. Some contributors take the task seriously, like the lovely tracks by Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk of Low and the multi-tracked vocals by Pedro the Lion. Some seem to be just silly larks, like the brief, shouted contribution by the compilation's biggest name, Modest Mouse. The Unaccompanied Voice is required listening only for completists of any artist who contributes.


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