Carolyn Franklin - If You Want Me (RCA, 1976)

Oui, Franklin, comme Aretha, dont Carolyn étai la plus jeune soeur. Un beau disque soul qui gagnerait à être réédité. Décidément, il nous reste tant de choses à redécouvrir!

Carolyn Franklin
If You Want Me

LP RCA 0420 (USA, 1976)

01. From the Bottom of my Heart (to the Bottom of Yours)
02. If You Want Me
03. I Can't Help my Feeling so Blue
04. Too Many Roads
05. Sunshine Holiday
06. Dead Man
07. You Are Everything
08. You Can Have my Soul
09. Song Man
10. Not Enough Love to Hold
11. Deal with It

Note : Aretha Franklin's youngest sister, Carolyn Franklin wrote some moderately successful songs for both herself and her other sister Erma. "Without Love," "Baby Baby Baby," "I Was Made for You," and "Sing It Again-Say It Again" are among the various Carolyn Franklin compositions. She was one of Aretha's background vocalists five years, and also recorded as a solo artist for RCA. Her most successful release was "It's True I Gonna Miss You," which reached #23 on the R&B charts in 1969. She died of cancer in 1988.

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