Åke Hodell - 220 Volt Buddha (Alga Marghen, 1998)

Musique concrète, collages et pièces radiophoniques... Je me fais tout petit et je ne ferai pas semblant de maîtriser le sujet! On est sur le pointu label Alga Marghen, c'est donc une musique exigeante, et ça ne peut pas faire de mal d'essayer de s'y frotter!

Åke Hodell
220 Volt Buddha

LP Alga Marghen H 7vocson018 (Italy, 1998)

a1. 220 Volt Buddha - Electronic Purgatorium I
b1. Kerberos (Hellhound) - Electronic Purgatorium IV
b2. Orphic Revelations - Electronic Purgatorium V

Note : 220 Volts Buddha "Electronic Purgatorium" commissioned by Fylkingen in 1970. Limited edition of 545 copies.
Experimental Swedish composer Åke Hodell (1919-2000) have mainly produced Text-Sound compositions: a blend of Radio Drama and Musique Concrète focused on human voice and its electronic enhancements. All of his works were produced in collaboration with the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, often with a provocative potlitical concern (like banned "Mr. Smith in Rhodesia" from 1969), closely associated with the aesthetics of the syndication of artists known as Fluxus.

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