Marcel Dettmann - Translation (Ostgut Ton, 2011)

Pas prévu au programme, ce maxi de pure techno me reste en tête depuis plusieurs jours. Je n'écoute pas beaucoup de techno, je suis donc bien incapable de vous expliquer comment Marcel Dettmann a réussi son coup! Quoique... C'est peut-être justement parce que je n'écoute pas beaucoup de techno que ce maxi vient casser ma routine et me retourner la tête. Dans tous les cas, c'est diablement efficace!

Marcel Dettmann
Translation EP

12'' Ostgut Ton O-TON052 (Germany, 09-2011)

a1. Barrier
a2. Translation One
b1. Translation Two
b2. Planning

Ce qu'en dit le label :
One of the founding members of the Ostgut Ton family, Marcel Dettmann recorded his debut 12'' for the label alongside Ben Klock with „Dawning“ some five years ago. Now after a string of highly praised releases, his debut album „Dettmann“, and a handful of uncompromising records on his own MDR label, we arrive at this new EP for his home label.
Launching us into the space-race, „Barrier“ documents those tense moments of discovery as we reach into new territories. Dettmann's unique textured sound design sets the scene before diving into „Translation One“ - a frantic, quivering and snaking snapshot into the kind of Techno the producer stands for these days. Metallic bass spins sideways, while ever-modulating percussion drives forward.
The sinister sci-fi tones of „Translation Two“ warble and jive in glorious syncopation as a systematic heavy kick and hat program works the bass frequencies and rhythmic zones. Open and spacious, its meandering theme hangs deliciously between paranoia and positivity.
In „Planning“ Dettmann further explores his inclination for intricate, tripping synth patterns. A staggered, wonderfully immersive theme builds from delayed staccato notes in a classic analog sequence, underpinned by rumbling dub bass pressure.


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