Roland P. Young - Istet Serenade (EM Records, 2009)

L'incident Megaupload tombe à un mauvais moment. Vous avez noté que j'ai moins de temps pour le blog, si en plus je dois lancer une montagne de re-ups on n'en sortira pas. Donc sur cet album je serai bref: soyez curieux, allez-y et faites la découverte.

Roland P. Young
Istet Serenade

CD EM Records EM1087 (Japan, 2009)

01. Twirling
02.  Curls
03. Dearest
04. Wetness
05. Eclipse
06. Night Air
07. Airlessly
08. Dessert Cave
09. Chrome
10. Tea Bells

Note : 30 years since “Isophonic Boogie Woogie”, Em Records proudly presents Roland P. Young’s “Istet Serenade” – his first original material in as many years.
A foray into the area of music space that represents the core of Roland?s sound philosophy, ‘Isophonics’. The theory of composed improvisation of stillness in the fluidity of constant change. The thingness of actualized sound in the nothingness of acoustic evaporation and recreation from the source of the indwelling presence. This occurs at a speed which defies conscious comprehension but which reveals abundant spiritual revelatory aspects.
To quote mr Young: “The 10 pieces were chosen from 55 comprovisations created over the past year. My Travels to and playing in the atmospheres of Israel, Prague, Rome, London, Paris, Istanbul and Santa Fe, New Mexico combined with my formative years in Kansas City, Missouri then my years in the Bay Area of Northern California and my current residence in Brooklyn, New York inform my music with ever expanding inspirations and creative possibilities.”
This is a sound that is thusly described as spaced acid drones of intense acoustic chill, embracing electronic, ambient, world, avant garde, cosmic, free and chamber jazz music.


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