Eric Matthews - The Lateness of the Hour (Sub Pop, 1997)

Après le déjà grandiose inaugural ''It's Heavy in Here'', Eric Matthews signait ici ce qui reste à ce jour son chef d'oeuvre, aussi bien au niveau des compositions que de l'orchestration. Le résultat est à la hauteur des ambitions, c'est à dire somptueux. Le seul truc qui n'a pas suivi, ce sont les ventes, sans surprise. Dans un monde où la médiocrité et la facilité sont la norme, des chansons aussi ambitieuses et insolentes ne pouvaient que se brûler les ailes.

Eric Matthews
The Lateness of the Hour

CD Sub Pop Records SPCD 404 (USA, 1997)

01. Ideas That Died That Day
02. My Morning Parade
03. Pair of Cherry
04. To Clear the Air
05. Yes, Everyone
06. Everything So Real
07. Becomes Dark Blue
08. The Pleasant Kind
09. Gilded Cages
10. Dopeyness
11. Since the Wheel Free
12. Festival Fun
13. No Gnashing Teeth

Note : Displaying an increased sense of songcraft and sharper arrangements, The Lateness of the Hour takes the virtues of Eric Matthews' debut, It's Heavy in Here, and amplifies them, resulting in a richer, fuller album. Where its predecessor only made a passing acknowledgment of rock, there's more guitar on The Lateness of the Hour, and it has a less orchestral feel -- the strings and horns are used as coloring, accentuating the songs in the style of swinging '60s pop. Matthews still has a problem with writing provocative lyrics, but his melodicism is at a peak. Each song has a memorable melody which is surrounded by rolling guitars, lush strings, and sweet brass. The best songs have an effortless grace, while even the weaker moments are enjoyable because of the lavish arrangements. Matthews might be too precious for some listeners -- his voice is almost inhumanly fey and breathy -- but, on the basis of The Lateness of the Hour, there's little denying that he is developing into a first-rate songwriter and arranger.
(Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide)


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