Hazard - Wind (Ash International, 2001)

Avant de sortir des disques sous son nom ou en collaboration avec Stilluppsteypa - le double vinyle Space Finale étant un sommet dans son genre, le Suédois BJ Nilsen avançait sous l'identité de Hazard. Dans sa discographie remarquable et passionnante, voici un très bel album caractéristique de son art. Des paysages mystérieux et envoutants drapés dans des field recordings...


CD Ash International ASH 6.5 (UK, 06-2001)

01. Stream
02. Barrier
03. Downslope (Foehn)
04. Village
05. Shear Line
06. Anemo
07. Sough
08. Landmass

Note : Recorded and mixed at Stockholm 2000-2001.
Original recordings made in the USA, Canada, UK and Sweden.
This is the fourth, and the most peaceful and beautiful release to date, by Hazard (aka Benny Jonas Nilsen). The artist's intent was to record an album that would blend technology with nature. He had already recorded some weather sounds in Canada, the U.S.A., and Sweden, but lacked the professional equipment necessary to capture raw wind in all its glory. He turned to Chris Watson (of the Touch label), who had just prepared a radio program about wind for the BBC. Using Watson's unaltered recordings, his own weather tapes (thunderstorms, wind in branches, etc.), and delicate electronic floorings, he created eight pieces. Wind deserves to be listened to attentively with headphones, otherwise the music will go by unnoticed. Each track develops an environment where the distinction between the natural and the artificial often becomes irrelevant. A faint pulse may occasionally arise, but it is not imposed as an alternative to nature's chaotic order. "Stream" unfolds cinematically through a succession of sound layers. A storm is preparing to strike in "Village": the listener can feel the tension and the pressure. During "Anemo," the longest track at 12 minutes, time simply stands still. The experimental electronica crowd will probably think this Hazard project lacks glitches and laptop tricks. Others will find in Wind a mind-expanding listening and meditative experience. Recommended. (François Couture, All Music Guide)

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