Nath Family - Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer Volume 2 (Hanson, 2006)

A l'occasion d'un voyage au Népal, Aaron Dilloway (Wolf Eyes, Hanson Records) a ramené quelques enregistrements de terrain, où l'on découvre entre autres cette famille de charmeurs de serpents. Le premier volume était sorti en LP puis en CD, cette cassette sortie l'année suivante prolonge l'enchantement - car oui il n'y a pas que les serpents qui seront charmés.

Nath Family
Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer Volume 2

C30 cassette Hanson Records HN 134 (USA, 2006)

a1. Untitled
b1. Untitled

Note : In 2005, Wolf Eyes member Aaron Dilloway headed over to Nepal with his wife, and befriended a local snake charmer/hustler family the Naths while she was off studying. Dilloway released the first fruits culled from his recordings of the family later in 2005, on the sleeper hit LP (and later CD) "Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer". This year he follows it up with what didn't make the cut of the first volume, although that shouldn't suggest that these aren't as of a lesser quality. If you heard the first volume, you pretty much know what you're getting into with this one. The four members of this family bringing forth pure psychotropic snake- and human-charming drones straight from the source.

Par ici, par ici... (This way, please)

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